Advanced Course For Returning Students

We’d love to have you back.

Chances are, you might have even already expressed an interest.

Either way, we’ve created a special course for returning students, one that goes deeper into the food,  the wine, the culture and the language of the Salento. If you’ve ever wanted to come back but didn’t want to repeat the same course, well, this is for you.

Or perhaps you have wanted to return, to bring a friend or a spouse to share a part of the world that you love with them- we’d love to have them as well.

What’s new at Advanced Course for Returning Students:

  • A completely new menu of dishes to learn and make, expanding your knowledge of the cooking of the Salento.
  • You’ll stay at il castello, perhaps giving you the chance to see a different part of the Salento (You’ll love il castello) click here to read what others have to say about our courses al castello).
  • We’ll focus more on bread baking, using the wood-fired oven in the colder months.
  • We’ve  expanded our scope of wine to include those from Sicilia, Calabria, Basilicata and Northern Puglia.


So, come on back. We love to see familiar faces. And bring someone special with you.



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