The Awaiting Table Cookery School in Lecce, Italy

This is how it all began, 12 years ago.


cookery course in southern Italy


The Awaiting Table Cookery School in Lecce, Italy, is a regional Italian cooking school in Southern Puglia, the most beautiful part of the entire sunny south of Italy. Our cooking classes in Italy offer hands-on cookery lessons designed to both improve your cooking AND allow you to go deeper into the culture than you ever thought possible.

Students choose between one of two venues: either il castello, the massive stone and marble structure located in the historic centre of a small, provincial, Southern Italian town. 
Or at our owner’s home, la casa di Silvestro, in the historic centre of Lecce, one of the south’s prettiest cities.

 But whichever you choice, you’ll get to know the locals by their first names, talk first-hand at the market with butchers, fishmongers and greengrocer, learning to see the culture as ‘what is grown here’, the cuisine as ‘what’s done with what grows here’.

Together we’ll fill our woven straw baskets and return to the school for active, hands-on communal cooking, where you’ll learn to make perfect pasta-and how to sauce it properly, learn how to make fresh sausages, bake beautiful biscotti, grill perfect seafood, all from scratch, all starting from amazingly-fresh ingredients.

You’ll fill a pretty enamel colander with herbs from the school’s herb garden, and as our meal starts to come together, we’ll pair it with the local wines of the Salento, widely-regarded in Italy as among Italy’s best for their gutsy, dry but fruit-forward appeal.

And where are we, exactly? Close your eyes and imagine the Italian ‘boot’; we’re in the stiletto heel, the long strip of fertile land lapped by two blue coasts, in the sunny and sensuous litle known (outside of Italy) region called, Il Salento.

But vacations–our classic cooking programme at The Awaiting Table Cookery School are not only about meeting the friendly locals, perfecting your pasta or even finding your favourite new grape; here you’ll learn to go deeper, gain context and learn to see the ongoing local dialogues between art and food, history and language, religion and place, and how any real understanding need always be systemic.

Come Be A Local! The Awaiting Table Italian Cooking School offers hands-on cookery courses in Lecce, Italy. In our Italian cooking classes, learn about regional pasta, local wine, and the healthy yet succulent dishes of the Mediterranean Diet. The perfect cooking holiday in Italy with full immersion in Italian culture, food and wine.