One Week Cookery Course in Lecce

Anatomy of a week-long Cookery Course at Silvestro’s home in Lecce

1-1Located in the historical centre of the baroque city of Lecce, this course is how it all began.  A hands-on ‘studio’ class, this experience is for those who are looking not only to master the food and wine of Southern Italy but for those who seek to go deeper – to take away more history, theory, and wine appreciation, to spend more time soaking in Lecce’s world-renowned architecture, and to take advantage of a smaller, more intimate setting to get to know the school’s owner, instructor and sommelier.

Held in our owner’s private home, and limited to eight students, you’ll use his knives, copper pots and family heirlooms to prepare your meals, the wine often coming from his private collection.  Most guests stay in small, family-owned bed and breakfasts as well, the cosiness and intimacy of the week, a hallmark.

We’ll spend time in the market using the local vendors’ wisdom to pick what’s best, we’ll make fresh pasta from scratch nearly every meal, we’ll grill homemade sausages and bake local biscotti. We’ll visit the fish market and demystify how to buy, cook and consume the fresh fish of the Mediterranean, all done perfectly in the local style. We’ll visit the historic centre of Otranto, named a UNESCO world heritage site, one day during the week and that’s just the beginning. 


These are the classic courses, the ones that inspired Food & Wine magazine to include us in their article, Italy’s Top Cooking Schools. We’d love to have you in the kitchen with us, and around The Awaiting Table in the historic centre of Lecce. Intimate. Connection. Smart.

For more detail on what a typical week at our cookery school is like, click here.

For a video featuring our week course in Lecce, click here.

Cost: 1895 Euro


Courses are held throughout the year, see our calendar to find a date for your visit.

Where to stay

While attending the course at Silvestro’s home in Lecce, we recommend that you stay in one of the many Bed & Breakfasts in the city.  While there are over 600 B&Bs to choose from, see our note on accommodations for more details.  Once the course is booked, our staff is here to ensure you find the perfect place to stay.

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