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The Awaiting Table Wine School


The New Wine School of The Italian South, which we lovelingly call ‘Terronia’ is now in its 4 year. At Terronia, we’ll plunge head first into the stuff, organizing the Italian south into the 12 must have variatels. Nero d’Avola. Grillo. Nerello Mascalese. Carricante. Frappato. Gaglioppo. Aglianico. Negoamaro. Primitivo. Susumaniello.

You’ll learn about everything from pruning, to glassware selection, to how to read an Italian wine label, tasting 10 wines a day. But we’ll still head into the kitchen too, to learn about matching wine to food. We’ll still make pasta every morning from scratch and while we never want to forget about food, it’s Southern Italian wine that is our focus. 1514307_10152005527848122_150165568_n At the end of the week there is an optional exam, with a blind tasting of 5 wines. Those who pass the exam will earn the Terronia diploma. If you’ve ever felt that others know more about wine than you do, here is your chance catch up and surpass your friends in wine knowledge.  You might just find your next favourite grape while learning all about the Italian south.

Your instructor for the week is our owner, who is a nationally certified sommelier here in Italy and the Southern Italian wine journalist and photographer for a major wine magazine. Further, our owner travels Southern Italian wine country for several months each year, researching the state of Southern Italian wine, most often, by bicycle.

If there is a better way to spend a holiday in Italy, we don’t know of it. Held throughout the year at key dates.  In Lecce and at the castle. Students sleep either in local bed and breakfasts or if the class is held at the castle, al castello.

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