Anatomy of a one day cookery course

We offer one day cookery courses both when we have space during our week-long courses, and as free-standing courses as request dictates. When in doubt, send us an email and we’d be happy to discuss the possibility of adding one, should you not find the dates that correspond with your visit. 



a Bulgarian student and his Chinese wife master our fresh pasta

A one day course in Lecce begins at 10 am under the column of Sant’ Oronzo (in Lecce’s main piazza or square, the focal point of the entire city).

We start at our local caffè with espresso and pastry and then head to the market to meet all the vendors. We’ll discuss the politics of the market (does your trusted greengrocer weigh your produce before or after removing the damaged leaves, etc-). You’ll gain insights into our local produce, the seasons and how regional Italy really is.

Loaded baskets in hand we’ll stroll back to the school among the world-class architecture to make fresh pasta (twice, once for each meal). Our fresh pasta is water-based, has no cholesterol and the presence of barley flour makes it rate low on the glycemic index- health food long before the concept was one.

First we’ll break down the meal into fascinating and very understandable parts on the school’s chalkboard, then take to the knives and copper pots in the school’s deeply-pleasing kitchen (converted from a former aristocratic stable). Juice glass of Southern Italian wine in hand, you’ll prepare it all- from washing and trimming, to sauteing, grilling and braising- the entire meal from scratch.

We’ll sit down to lunch in a dining room unlike any other, the teaching and learning moving from the student/teacher dynamic of the classroom to the horizontal learning of peers around the table. We’ll discuss the autocthonous grapes of the Salento, sampling several each meal, our pours always generous, the hospitality decidedly southern.

We’ll linger over lunch, then walk you back to the historical centre to take a few hour break before reconvening for dinner. Then we’ll take to the kitchen again, preparing all new dishes, antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno e dolce, sitting down around 8 and finishing around 11 pm.  Expect to learn more about wines of the region, how to match them with the food you’ll make and more about the general state of wine making in the Italian south.

You’ll cook and prepare our local food for about for about 4 hours total time in the kitchen, 5 at the table and a few more hours split between  time in the market and walking the Baroque beauty of Lecce or the castle grounds.

This is a tiny taste of what we do (not a day course ends without some student saying, ‘If I had known it was going to be like this I would have booked a week’). Alas, not everyone has the luxury of time here.

If you’ll already be in Puglia for other reasons consider sending us an email regarding availability. We’d love to have you join us, even if only for a day. Otherwise, if you’re interested in coming, consider attending a week long course. They are what makes our school famous and why we’ve been chosen to teach our local food and wine to 42 different nations over the last 13 years.

day-long course: 195 Euro

half-a-day course: 145 Euro

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