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16 Dec

how to taste wine

Can you learn everything there is to know about blind tasting in 4 minutes? No, not even 4 years but I do hope to reveal what is behind the curtain a bit, to show that blind tasting is a learnable skill, versus the more common...

Terronio Wine Course
22 Nov

12 Italian Wine Secrets

I'm alone in the school this morning, pulling the non-Salentine wines from my personal cellar, lining up the bottles as I plan out the upcoming week dedicated to Southern Italian wine. So as a wine teacher, what do I know about Italian wine that you may...

4 Nov

New Courses!

Every year we add a new course: here are the two new courses that you may not about yet. Our new Bici (Bicycle) / Vino / Cucina course at the castle. Imagine going for a bicycle ride among the olive groves in Southern Italy, only to...

21 Jan

Salice Salentino

So, slowly, I started asking students what they saw as we passed the countless vineyards of Puglia, following my own beliefs that you can’t understand Italian wine until you understand the label and you can’t understand the label until you understand what actually happens in...

20 Jan


‘But what do you REALLY eat? What do you REALLY drink when you’re not teaching’, is a question I’m asked nearly every week. Most of the time the answer is boring: The same stuff I eat and drink during our classes, that is, la cucina...