About La Capitanata

La Capitanata is the northern sub-region of Puglia, by what could otherwise be called,  ‘Northern Puglia and the Gargano peninsula’, the hilly and even mountainous swath of land, tucked in just below Molise and Abruzzo. Famous inside of Italy as the nation’s breadbasket, la Capitanata grows the lion’s share of Italy’s hard wheat used for pasta and bread. Il Gargano peninsula, often refereed to as ‘Italy’s spur’ (of the boot) the region enjoys en extensive shoreline and a large central forest, most of which has never been cut done by man and remains a large nature reserve. La Capitanata’s largest city is Foggia. It’s principle olive for oil is Coratina. Its principle red wine grape is nero di Troia, its white, bombino.