With us, you won’t just see the place we love, you’ll cannonball into it – into our traditions, into the kitchen and into Southern Italian life, taking your own place around the generous table.
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New short film from Italy

The first of 24 short-subject films on the relationship between art, faith, architecture, art, climate, politics, language and the food and wine of Italy’s Salentine peninsula.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years.

It turns out that I had to study filmmaking in order to able to, which is not an easy task, in an of itself. I’m likely averaging 20 to 30 tutorials a day, mostly for editing and audio, the parts that remain the most difficult. Harder still, is that we are all so used to professional quality filmmaking that we remain unimpressed with anything less than stellar. ‘Less than stellar’ will likely be my grade for the next few months or even years. Still, I’m learning a lot.

taieddha salentoStop in on our youtube channel and leave comments on our videos. Subscribe. It really means a lot to us and it will help others find out about our little school here in Italy.taieddha salento

Spend lunch with us some day: it’s likely that you were only going to watch videos about politic stuff and get worked up. With us you won’t have to wipe mustard of the screen afterward, or pick up jettisoned lunch meat.

This is the first of 24 short-subject films on all of the elements that influenced our food and wine here in the Salento. They might not be the ones you’re thinking of.

Short film No 1

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