With us, you won’t just see the place we love, you’ll cannonball into it – into our traditions, into the kitchen and into Southern Italian life, taking your own place around the generous table.
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Cooking in Puglia – new short film from Italy

There has been a sea change in how we consume information. And our new site will be reflecting that, starting with this tiny taste of what we do.

And of course it will be in constant evolution as we film more courses. In the meantime, enjoy it, share it with friends that really love Italy and be certain to check out our other ones on our youtube channel.

If you’ve been to the school in the last few years you might see yourself in the new video for our new home page.

And if you haven’t come to cook with us yet, do! Without you our school is just an idea!

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What do Insiders Know About Getting the Most Out of Southern Italy?

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